Share your Road Transport Success Story


National Invitation to Share Road Transport Safety Success Stories!

JC Auditors (JCA) is committed to promoting safety, awareness and fostering a culture of continuous improvement within the road transport sector. To this end, we are hosting an event where industry professionals will have the opportunity to showcase their achievements and exchange ideas on safety enhancements.

South Africa’s truck accident rates have reached alarming levels posing significant risks to both road users and the economy. A single truck crash has a devastating impact on all road users. In addition to the social impact, heavy congestion, long delays and frequent road closures affect all transport operators. So, even though one may be a professional, safety conscious and compliant transporter, the actions of others affect all transporters directly.

We are reaching out to road transport businesses to share your success stories with the aim of improving road transport safety in the country. South Africa has many world-class transport businesses who have a wealth of experience, innovative strategies, and statistical insights that will inspire and benefit others in their pursuit of accident reduction and incident prevention to the good of our industry and country.

We believe that industry stakeholders need to collaborate and act decisively, or things will just get worse.

In light of this, we encourage and welcome participation and the sharing of success stories in this event which will be held virtually and broadcast to a national audience via You Tube.

Participation in this event will help to :

  • Inspire Others: Share your success stories and safety improvement initiatives to inspire fellow road transport businesses.
  • Raise Awareness: Gain visibility and recognition for your organization’s commitment to safety.
  • Foster Collaboration: Connect with like-minded industry professionals and foster collaborations for future initiatives.
  • Learn from Peers: Gain insights from other industry leaders and experts on innovative ways to reduce incidents and accidents.
  • Shape the Future: Contribute to shaping the future of road transport safety by sharing your experiences and statistical data.

We are particularly interested in success stories that highlight the following areas:

  • Statistical Data: Provide quantitative data on accident reduction, incident rates, and any other relevant statistics that demonstrate the effectiveness of your safety initiatives.
  • Innovative Approaches: Share details about the innovative strategies, technologies, or methodologies your organization has implemented to reduce incidents and accidents.
  • Best Practices: Discuss the best practices your business has adopted to improve road transport safety, such as training programs, safety protocols, driver monitoring systems, or fleet management solutions.
  • Collaborative Efforts: Showcase any collaborative efforts your organization has undertaken, such as partnerships with government agencies, safety organizations, or other stakeholders in the industry.

We sincerely hope that you will consider joining us in this initiative aimed at making our roads a safer place.

Please send an email to for further details on presentation guidelines and any additional information you may require.

Share Your Success Story