JC Auditors (JCA), a renowned leader in road safety and compliance, is proud to announce its pioneering efforts in extending Road Transport Management System (RTMS) certification to organisations in Namibia and Botswana. This expansion marks a significant milestone in promoting safer and more responsible road practices throughout the Southern African region.

As a founding member of the RTMS initiative in South Africa since 2006, JCA has consistently demonstrated its commitment to elevating road safety standards within the transport industry. This commitment has now extended beyond the borders of South Africa to benefit Namibian and Botswanan organisations seeking to enhance their road safety protocols.

RTMS is a rigorous certification program designed to encourage responsible road usage among transport operators. It focuses on optimizing vehicle loads, promoting driver wellness, and fostering an organisational culture of road safety. With its proven track record of delivering exceptional results, RTMS has become a benchmark for industry best practices.

“JCA’s expansion into Namibia and Botswana reflects a growing recognition of the importance of RTMS in enhancing road safety across borders,” explains JCA’s Managing Director, Oliver Naidoo. “By partnering with organisations in these countries, JCA aims to facilitate the adoption of RTMS practices and certification, ultimately contributing to safer roads and improved transport operations.”

Key highlights of JCA’s RTMS expansion efforts include:

Regional collaboration: JCA has formed collaborative partnerships with key organisations and stakeholders in Namibia and Botswana to promote the adoption of RTMS. These partnerships underscore a shared commitment to road safety in the region.

Certification support: JCA offers comprehensive support to organisations in Namibia and Botswana throughout the RTMS certification process. This includes guidance on optimising vehicle loads, implementing driver wellness programmes, and establishing a culture of road safety.

Knowledge Transfer: Leveraging its extensive experience in South Africa, JCA provides valuable knowledge transfer to organisations in Namibia and Botswana. This includes training, auditing, and compliance services tailored to meet the unique needs of each region.

“JCA’s expansion into Namibia and Botswana aligns with the company’s mission to promote safer roads and responsible road practices across the Southern African region,” continues Naidoo. “By extending the benefits of RTMS certification to organisations in these countries, we aim to contribute to reduced accidents, improved road infrastructure, and enhanced overall road safety.”

Source: https://truckandfreight.co.za/jca-pioneers-rtms-certification-in-namibia-and-botswana/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=jca-pioneers-rtms-certification-in-namibia-and-botswana

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