International certification services provider, JC Auditors (JCA) is embarking on an innovative initiative to revolutionise client support in the road transport sector.

Acknowledging the challenges faced by the industry, such as rising fuel costs and operational complexities in South Africa, JC Auditors (JCA) has taken the lead in assisting companies in reducing training costs while strengthening safety skills within their workforce. The company is arranging a series of complimentary safety-related training programs for its clients.

JC Auditors currently leads in the certification of the Road Transport Management System (RTMS), having completed over 10,000 audits in the past 15 years. JC Auditors also provides guidance to major national blue-chip companies, helping them promote RTMS to enhance safety and efficiency within their supply chains.

The road transport sector has often grappled with inadequate safety measures and systems, resulting in incidents and unsafe practices that not only endanger lives, but also burden transporters with avoidable costs. JCA’s commitment to tackling these challenges directly has resulted in the introduction of free virtual training programs, crafted to empower and enhance the skills of professionals in the industry.

The JCA team has been encouraged by commendations from industry leaders. “The Road Transport Management System (RTMS) management team found the legal liability training delivered by JC Auditors to be exceptional,” states Johan Theron, Group SHEQ Manager at Reinhard Transport Group. JCA is proud to count all the leading road transport companies in South Africa as loyal clients.

The following Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Training Courses are available:

Health and safety representative training: Empowering individuals to champion safety within their organisations.

Accident and incident investigation: Equipping professionals with the skills to proactively address and investigate safety incidents.

Safety awareness for employees: Enhancing the awareness of safety practices among all employees, fostering a culture of safety.

OHS Act for managers: Ensuring that management is well-versed in legal and regulatory requirements for occupational health and safety.

OHS legal liability: Educating professionals about the legal responsibilities and liabilities associated with occupational health and safety.

These courses complement JC Auditors’ well-received RTMS-specific programs that have garnered acclaim over the past 15 years. The newly introduced AARTO (Demerit Points) course is already proving valuable to the sector in anticipation of upcoming regulations, and, crucially, in fostering a safer driving culture in the country.

“At JC Auditors, we are committed to building a safer and more sustainable road transport sector,” explains Oliver Naidoo, JCA’s managing director. “Our passion for road safety improvements demonstrated through our RTMS certification efforts, has led us to introduce these complimentary training courses. We hope to contribute to a future where safety is firmly embedded in the drive to business growth and sustainability.”