ISO Accreditation Remote Auditing is computer-based auditing that uses electronic records to complete part or all of your ISO Accreditation remote audit. This follows similar procedures as a traditional audit but using the technological means to remotely perform the ISO Accreditation audit. ISO Accreditation Remote Auditing is also known as ISO Accreditation E-Auditing. 

Depending on the nature of an ISO Accreditation audit, having an assessor physically present at your premises may be unnecessary. It may in certain instances be preferable, if not mandatory, but we’re also moving into a period of time where technology has advanced to the level that makes remote work more efficient and cost-effective. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has provided a new opportunity for business’ around the world to start developing processes and procedures that can be performed remotely. JC Auditors has a fully established remote auditing system that has continuously performed above expectations. Remote auditing through JC Auditors is efficient and non-bureaucratic.

​Technologies such as video conferencing platforms and screen sharing software including Google Hangouts, Skype, etc. are set to be major players in the field of remote work. All documents can be shared through Google Drive, Email or similar document sharing platforms.

Conducting an ISO Accreditation remote audit has many benefits including saving time, reduce the travel to remote regions, less paper required and, witnessing and tracking the audit in real-time.